Welcome to your one stop hair stylist, who do anything and everything depends on what their clients would likes. This’s  where you can get all your beautiful hair styles you’re have been looking for. All my services are listed below, if you have any questions or looking for anything that’s not listed in my services your are free to call me for anything and for everything.


Looking forward to style you!!


Perm rods set on relaxer hair

Two layers feed in braid


Faux Locs

Dreads - Retwisted, Styled and Colored

Conrow feed in ponytail 

Rubber bands metho bid big box braids bob style 

kid style 

Make up and hair.. weeding up do..

The side and the back

Make up and hair/ full head crochet 

Perm rods set

Perm rods set 

Feed in braids in a ponytail big and small

Frontal sew in

Make up and hair

Pineapple up do

Kid style  

Lace closure sew in body waves  

Medium box braid  

Rods set

Perm rods

Front feed in conrow 

Back Marley Twists

Kid braid in ponytail 


Natural hair.. silk press no chemicals 

Up do 4 ponytails in one style  

Lemonade feed in braid

Kid twists 

Kid 2 layers feed in braid

Kid lemonade braid 

Hair and make up/ full head crochet 

The back 1

The side2

Texturized, cut, treated and colored 

back feed in conrow top crochet 

Two feed in braids the side 1

The back2

Spring twists 

8 feed in braids 


Full head sew in 

flat twists 

8 feed in braids in ponytail style 

One month washed and retwist 

Retwist and styled

Stop knock less braid 

Rope twists from the roots 

Twists from the roots 

Twists from the roots 

Big box braids 

Big box braids 

Kid feed in conrow ponytail style 

Kid jumbo feed in lemonade braid 

Kid 2 feed in braids 

Kid side conrow and crochet 

Kid natural hair braid

Kid braid

Big and small feed in braid